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Forthcoming: Rabbit Hash Needs a Mayor


Will it be Lucy Lou, Toby, or maybe Higgins?

Forthcoming in 2019.

Forthcoming: Dear Vampire


Title: Dear Vampire

Are vampires real?

Of course they are!

A series of letters between Frankie and real vampires. 

Details available soon.

Forthcoming: Dear Chimera


Title: Dear Chimera

A series of letters between Frankie and animals that look like they were made from parts of different creatures.

Sequel to Dear Vampire. 

Details available soon. 

Forthcoming: Cowboy Jesse


Title: Cowboy Jesse

Jesse rides west and straight into 10 space aliens. Round-up time. 

Available in 2020



Let's get bug-gy.

Details available soon.

Forthcoming: Spooner


Chapter book. 

Publication date not determined at this time.

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What Sea Creature Is This? (Paperback)

"This charming account of wonders and oddities of the ocean world is lighthearted yet true to facts.

Once Upon a Dime (Paperback)


The Riddlers (Paperback)

Dear Komodo Dragon (Paperback and Hardback). Available in English, Spanish, and German.


Amazing Grace (Hardback)


The Munched-Up Flower Garden (Paperback)


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Trouble in Troublesome Creek (Paperback)


Barreling Over Niagara Falls (Hardback)


Daniel Boone Trailblazer (Hardback)


Whose Sound Is This? (eBook, only)


Examines sounds made by different animals in the wild.

Whose Food Is This? (eBook, only)


Examines a variety of food eaten by animals. Animals shown include a squirrel, anteater, hummingbird, giant panda, cow, fruit bat, and an ostrich.

Whose Work Is This? (eBook, only)


Examines work made by animals in the wild. Honey, pearl, etc.

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The Truth About Princesses (Hardback)


The Underground Railroad (Hardback, Paperback, and eBook)


Ring the Silver Bell (Paperback)


Forty Winks (Hardback and Paperback)


Gone Cuckoo (Hardback and Paperback)


Hiram's Gift (Hardback and Paperback)


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Minerals and Rocks (Hardback and eBook)


Earth's Rock Cycle (Hardback and eBook)


Granite and Other Igneous Rocks (Hardback and eBook)


Limestone and Other Sedimentary Rocks (Hardback and eBook)


Identifying Rocks (Hardback and eBook)


Slate and Othr Metamorphic Rocks (Hardback and eBook)


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First Fire (English and Spanish Editions) (Hardback and Paperback)


Big C and Little Ox (Paperback)


Happy Birthday (Hardback)


On the Banks of the Amazon (Hardback and Paperback)


The Old Felt Hat (eBook)


Why in the world is it so hard to keep track of that old felt hat? It's on a flagpole. It's in a tree. That old felt hat is chased away by a bothersome wind. What will Little Lucy and Aunt Iris do to track down that elusive hat? This colorfully, creative story rollicks around the countryside with unending fun!

Available from Be There Bedtime Stories. This program allows you to record this book and send it via a webcam to anyone anywhere.
Also available on iPad.

The Moody Pumpkin (eBook)


What is it going to take to make this Moody Pumpkin smile?  A bat, a spider, an owl and a Wee, Wee Witch do their spooky best to make this grumpy pumpkin happy.

Available from Be There Bedtime Stories. This program allows you to record this book and send it via a webcam to anyone anywhere.
It is also available on iPad

Math-related books

All About Math Symbols (eBook, Paperback, and Audio File


Teaches Young Students About Key Math Symbols Such As =, +, -, , Degrees, $, Cents And How To Use Them.

My Math Toolbox (eBook, Paperback, and Audio File)


My Math Toolbox Selects And Uses Appropriate Tools For Given Measurement Situations (E.G., Rulers For Length, Measuring Cups For Capacity)

Hopping on the Number Line (eBook and Audio File)


Hopping On The Number Line Represents Addition And Subtraction Using A Number Line.

What's a Fraction? (eBook, Paperback, and Audio File)


What's A Fraction? Teaches The Concepts Related To Fractions (E.G., Numerator And Denominator).

What is an Attribute? (eBook,Paperback, and audiofile)


Students Will Learn The Election Process From Beginning To End. From What A Candidate Is, To Where And When People Vote, And How And Why The Election Process Is So Important In Our Country.

What's an Election? (eBook, Paperback, and Audiofile)


Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.

Social Studies-related books

My Life as an Early Settler (eBook, Paperback, and Audiofile)


Students Will Learn How These Early Settler's Sailed The Oceans To Come To America For A New Life. The Struggles They Faced And How Their Lives Were Forever Changed. Maps, Routes They Took, And Fact-Filled Text Boxes Add More Information On Pilgrims And Puritans.

My Life as an Immigrant (eBook, Paperback, and Audiofile)


Immigrants Sailed From Faraway Lands To Come To America For Opportunity. This Book Includes Their Experiences At Ellis Island, The Struggles Of Finding Employment, And Learning A New Language In A Strange, New World.

Everyone Eats (Hardback, eBook, and Paperback)


Have you ever eaten a bug? How about a caterpillar or a tarantula? Believe it or not, kids in other parts of the world eat these tasty treats every day. Learn all about different countries and the sometimes unusual and creepy things people eat. Get out your spoon and fork and get ready to learn about what everyone eats! This title will allow students to identify the main topic and retell key details of a text.
• Multicultural
• Text based questions
• World map
• Bold keywords with picture glossary

Everyone Has a Home (Hardback, eBook, and Paperback)


Do you think everyone’s home is like yours? Well, guess again. People around the world have many unusual types of homes: from treehouses, caves, igloos, and even mud houses with grass growing on top! Travel the globe to learn all about the interesting types of houses kids just like you call home. This title will allow students, with prompting and support, to ask and answer questions about key details in a text.

Northeast and Metropolitan Regions (Hardback, eBook, and Paperback)


There are many regions in the United States. This book will highlight the Northeast and Metropolitan regions by detailing what areas make up each region, historical and background knowledge on how they were formed, and what the land, animals, and habitats of these regions are like. From Rocky coastlines, to forests, rivers, and lakes, these popular regions of the U.S. are just part of what makes our country so diverse in its beauty. With all the information in this book, you may want to choose one of these areas for your next vacation destination! This book will allow students to quote accurately from a text when explaining what the text says explicitly and when drawing inferences from the text.

Midwest and Great Lakes Regions (Hardback, eBook, and Paperback)


The Midwest and Great Lakes Region offers an array of opportunities for those who reside there, and tourists as well. The landscape is painted with farmland, steep hills and rolling plains, dense forests with sparkling waterfalls and lots of lakes! The Great Lakes serve as a major transportation route but also an important recreational hotspot. Many fish, water ski, sail, snowmobile, and even dive among the shipwrecks! Cities like Chicago, St. Louis, and Detroit, which are filled with music, great food, and loyal sports fans, are fun to explore. So grab your camera and discover this diverse U.S. region. This book will allow students to identify the main purpose of a text, including what the author wants to answer, explain, or describe.

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Winning by Giving (Hardback, eBook, and Paperback)


 Learn How To Give To Others And Feel Good About It!  

If Clouds Could Talk (eBook)



If   clouds could talk, what would they say? Each kind would have a story  to  tell and would signify something about the weather. Through poems  and  prose, explore the types of clouds in the sky and the different  voices  they have.
This ebook is available at Schoolwide.

Reading Tips for Parents (Paperback)


 Tips  Mom and Dad can use to help a child become a lifelong reader. This  booklet is designed to be purchased in multiple quantities for  distribution at events such as reading celebrations and parent nights.   $2.95 single copy Multiple copy cost:10-24/$2.50 each 25-99/$2.00 each 100/$1.50    

Is It Symmetrical? (eBook, Paperback, and Audio File)


 This Math Concept Book Engages Young Readers Through Simple Text And Photos As They Learn About Symmetry. 

Forthcoming book


Forthcoming book

Forthcoming book


Forthcoming book

Dear Vampire


Book Description


Frankie is a vampire wannabe for the Animal Day Parade. In humorous letters between Frankie and a series of animals, accurate information is exchanged.  Skeeters buzz to bite. Bats are out for blood. Frankie proves that vampires are often overlooked but always close by? 

Create a Wanted Poster


Type of Vampire: (Example: insect or other)

Name of Vampire:



Describe why it is dangerous.


Travel Brochure 

To tour the habitats of vampire animals, create a travel brochure including:

Map of areas in the world where the animal vampire lives.

Type of habitat:



Compare the nutritional value of insects to that of your favorite food. Research and write an article about which is more healthful.

Insect Discovery

You have discovered a new insect, and it’s your job to tell the world.

1.Your Name:

2.The name you gave the insect:

3. My insect’s habitat:

4. My insect’s food source:

5. How it finds and eats its food:

6. How my insect moves:

7. What eats my insect:

8. How my insect escapes predators:

Insect Inspection


Materials: pictures of insects. Plastic insects (one for each child). 

Have them find the the following items on their insects:

All insects have 3 body parts: the head, the thorax (middle) and the abdomen.

All insects have 6 legs.

All insects have antennae. What do they use these for (touching and detecting odors!)

Some insects have wings. Does yours have wings?




Here is the Beehive

Here is the beehive. Where are the bees? (hold up one fist)

Hidden away where nobody sees. (move other hand around your fist)

Watch and you'll see them come out of the hive (move head close to your fist)

One, two, three, four , five! (Hold up fingers one at a time)

Buzzzzzzzz...all fly away! (wave fingers as you move your hand away from you).


1,2,3 (hold up fingers one at a time)

There's a bug on me!

Where did it go? (Brush your clothes off)

I Don't Know! (look around and the shrug and look confused!)

8 Ants

One ant, two ants, three ants, four.

Our picnic is their grocery store.

Five ants, six ants, seven ants, eight.

They are crawling on my plate!

Eight ants, seven ants, stomp around.

Six ants, five ants, on the ground.

Four ants, three ants, On the run!

Two ants, one ant, no more fun!

Dear Vampire News

Coming soon

More Dear Vampire News

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