Dear Vampire


Book Description


Frankie is a vampire wannabe for the Animal Day Parade. In humorous letters between Frankie and a series of animals, accurate information is exchanged.  Skeeters buzz and bite. Bats are out for blood. Frankie proves that vampires are often overlooked but always close by? 

Classroom Activities


Create a Wanted Poster

Type of Vampire: (Example: insect or other)

Name of Vampire:



Describe why it is dangerous.

Travel Brochure 

To tour the habitats of vampire animals, create a travel brochure including:

Map of areas in the world where the animal vampire lives.

Type of habitat:



Compare the nutritional value of insects to that of your favorite food. Research and write an article about which is more healthful.


Insect Discovery

You have discovered a new insect, and it’s your job to tell the world.

1.Your Name:

2.The name you gave the insect:

3. My insect’s habitat:

4. My insect’s food source:

5. How it finds and eats its food:

6. How my insect moves:

7. What eats my insect:

8. How my insect escapes predators:

Insect Inspection

Materials: pictures of insects. Plastic insects (one for each child). 

Inspectors will locate the following items on their insects:

All insects have 3 body parts: the head, the thorax (middle) and the abdomen.

All insects have 6 legs.

All insects have antennae. For what do they use these?  (touching and detecting odors!)

Some insects have wings. Does yours have wings?



Here is the Beehive

Here is the beehive. Where are the bees? (hold up one fist)

Hidden away where nobody sees. (move other hand around your fist)

Watch and you'll see them come out of the hive (move head close to your fist)

One, two, three, four , five! (Hold up fingers one at a time)

Buzzzzzzzz...all fly away! (wave fingers as you move your hand away from you).


1,2,3 (hold up fingers one at a time)

There's a bug on me!

Where did it go? (Brush your clothes off)

I Don't Know! (look around and the shrug and look confused!)

8 Ants

One ant, two ants, three ants, four.

Our picnic is their grocery store.

Five ants, six ants, seven ants, eight.

They are crawling on my plate!

Eight ants, seven ants, stomp around.

Six ants, five ants, on the ground.

Four ants, three ants, On the run!

Two ants, one ant, no more fun!


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