Spirit of Kentucky: Bourbon Cookbook


 Each recipe has a note about the history of the food or information about an ingredient. Learn how the Hot Brown and Chess Pie got their names.

Over 500 recipes

Bourbon sports a collective aroma of smoke, vanilla, caramel, fruit, floral, and spice. These flavors enhance almost any dish, from meats to desserts to vegetables and soups and yes, chocolate, especially chocolate. You can enjoy the appealing, rich flavor with several dashes of bourbon or savor the subtle, delicious taste with a simple dash or two, neither of which will leave you tipsy. When cooking at a temperature above 172 degrees, bourbon loses its alcoholic content, but the intense flavor remains. Any food that boils is hot enough to evaporate the alcohol.

  • Most of the recipes have an option to eliminate the bourbon or to use another ingredient, such as an extract, as a substitute. The extracts with the most intense flavors are alcohol-based.

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