Hiram's Gift


Hiram builds fires to heat the two-room schoolhouse and earns dimes for his trouble. With a heart full of hope, he saves his money in a sock and thumbs through a catalog looking at a shiny fiddle, a maple fiddle, the kind of fiddle he dreamed of playing. Tragedy strikes. Hiram uses the dimes to help his family and sets his hopes on a gift from the Christmas elves that send a present to every child in school. He delights in the simple presents he receives and those gifts change the course of his life.

Hiram realizes the magic of believing. His positive attitude—believing—illustrates Einstein’s point: with a vivid imagination, the possibilities are limitless.

In life, those who believe they can are much more likely to succeed. HIRAM’S GIFT showcases the power of imagination, which can take us anywhere and everywhere.

Nancy Kelly Allen weaves her Appalachian childhood experiences into the telling of this timeless tale.  Hiram’s Gift celebrates the joyful spirit of Christmas and is based on the tradition of Alice Lloyd College providing Christmas gifts for students in the area schools of eastern Kentucky.

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