Forty Winks Classroom Activities


What do you do with a monster who doesn't want to share his book? And a pirate who comes to visit?
Make magic, of course.

Classroom Activities

Pirate Paintings


¼ cup warm water

6 teaspoons salt

3 drops food coloring

Small bowl

Paint brush

Sheets of white paper

Mix warm water with salt and food coloring in a bowl. Mix well. Paint ocean pictures with the mixture on the paper. Let dry. The water evaporates but the colored salt remains, creating a picture.

Paper Bag Puppets

Paper Bag Puppets- Stuff paper bags with newspaper and secure the tail with a rubber band. Decorate the puppets as pirates, monsters, spaceships, etc.

Monster Drawing

Create a drawing of a monster. Below the picture write a description of the monster and include the following: 

What sound does it make? 

What foods does it eat? 

What is the monster’s favorite game? 

Where does the monster live? 

Give the animal a name.

Write a story or poem about the monster.

Acrostic Poem

Write an Acrostic Poem about a pirate or monster. Write the word vertically. Describe the idea by writing words or phrases beginning with each letter.

Example: Monster

Mister Whiskers is my name.
Outside is where I want to be,
Nosing around,
Tasting the hotdogs,
Eating cake,
Racing, running, and playing.

Imaginary Character

Create an imaginary character that possesses a magical power. Write a story about the character.  

Drawing an Emotion

Think how a friend makes you feel. Draw a picture or a series of pictures to express that feeling.

Make a Pirate Hat
Choose your favorite pirate hat pattern, and make a hat. Here are some young pirates modeling their creations.