Barreling Over Niagara Falls


Join Annie on her daring, life-changing feat! As the threat of the poorhouse looms overhead, Annie Edson Taylor's big idea of barreling over Niagara Falls just might change her rotten luck. She works hard to make her big dream come true by designing a special barrel to take her safely over the Falls. Follow Annie's daring exploits and read about those who followed in her footsteps and took the plunge for themselves!

Review by Sandi Underwood, author of The Secret at One Belmont Lane

Expressive language and radiant artwork team together to deliver an intriguing story in Nancy Kelly Allen's biography of Annie Edson Taylor. The narrative depicts Annie as a woman who followed no leader; instead, she became a leader—the first in a long line of Niagara Falls daredevils. I wish I could have been standing in the crowd as her barrel plunged over the Falls. Since I can't, I'll do the next best thing and relive Annie's fantastic adventure as I read Barreling Over Niagara Falls. Allen creates a perfect balance of historical detail with storytelling flair. Rich colors capture the setting, while contrasting darker tones reflect the drama of the times. Annie's devotion to following her dream can be used to launch a discussion about the role women played in history and to inspire young students to contemplate their goals and future professions. Allen's  generous use of descriptive language qualifies this book for use as mentor text for young writers.

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