Rabbit Hash Needs a Mayor


Book Description


Lucy Lou was not a typical candidate. When she embarked upon the race for mayor of Rabbit Hash, she hit the ground running. The competition looked fierce and the ballot long. A lively and whimsical story about a real dog, a real election, and a real town. Could a dog be elected mayor? Well…

Classroom Activities


Challenge students to a mock election. They will vote for something, such as at class pet, the next book to read, or next year’s classroom theme. Another election idea: In a mock election, vote on favorite foods: Pizza, chocolate ice cream, or hot dog.

Opinion writing: Ask kids on each side of the debate to make signs and hold mock rallies talking about their stance. 

Give three reasons why their choice is best and two reasons why students should not vote for the other choices.

Students will ask their parents or grandparents about the first time they voted, record what they find out and report back to the class.

Have your students interview members of your local school mayor about how she/he was elected.


Newspaper Article

Write a newspaper article about one of the following:

 If you were the principal, what changes would you make at school.

If you were the mayor, what changes would you make in your town.

Voting Booth


Make a voting booth from a large box. Cut out letters V-O-T-E and tape to the side of the box. For the opening, hang red, white, and blue streamers. 


Design and Make Registration Forms


Create voting registration forms

First Name: 

Middle Name:

Last Name:





Display their IDs on a wall.